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Selling a Peloton?

We offer a seamless bike pickup service for your unused Peloton bike


We will reach out with an offer

We help people recycle their Peloton bikes - when we find a buyer we will reach out with the offer on your bike


We pickup and pay for your bike

Our trained drivers inspect, pay, and pickup your bike


How this works: Buying a Peloton


Order a Peloton online and we will reach out to you to schedule delivery

How this works: Selling a Peloton


Complete our Sellers Form and we will send an offer to pickup your bike.

Warranty: Do you offer a warranty on the bike?


Yes, we offer an 18- month warranty on all of our Peloton bikes Regular and Plus models. We are the only providers for a warranty on used Peloton bikes.

Do I need special shoes to use the bike?


The bike arrives with "clip in" pedals which require special shoes that clip in. "Clipping into" the pedal enables you to maximize your workout by pulling up on your pedal stroke as well as pushing down.

Do I need mat and weights?


The mat is used to stabilize the bike while you ride and to protect your floor from sweat and scratches.

Weights are incorporated into the peloton workout classes and conveniently stow away behind your seat for easy access while you ride.

How does selling my bike work?


After completing the form on our site we will make you a custom offer for your bike. Once a pickup date and time is scheduled, a driver will be in touch and pickup your bike. Funds should be sent within one business day of accepting our offer.

How does delivery work?


We dispatch our trained Peloton drivers based on your availability. Upon delivery they help unload and setup your bike so you are ready to go.

What's the difference between the different generation bikes?


Gen 1 bikes are pelotons original model and has similar hardware to the gen 2 and 3, but will not be eligible for future Peloton Software updates

Gen 2 is very similar to the Gen 3, however, Gen 3 comes with a slightly better sound system and increased screen resolution.

The Bike + model is pelotons biggest upgrade to date! It has a default swivel screen option with an upgraded screen size and updated sound system.